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When we started The PAWsitivity Project, we had no clue how we would go about it. To our surprise, we met some of the most amazing human beings. Today, we take the pleasure of introducing you to one of them.

Sneha Waykar is no cape-wearing hero but her for adopted strays, she is a champion. For the past decade, Sneha has looked after more than a 100 doggos and cattos and currently feeds over 75 of them. With the support of her family, she also runs a small foster care for injured and sick animals.

Last year, in the month of July, Sneha welcomed us into her home and took us along to feed her doggos. Their enthusiasm and wagging tails tell you how grateful they are for the love and food they receive.

She not only feeds the strays around her residence but goes into adjourning lanes and back-roads. She also feeds stray animals along with her colleagues near her office.

She doesn’t do this all on her own. In fact, one of her biggest support systems are her parents. Her mum makes the best chimken rice (find the recipe here) and also accompanies her for feeds. Her father also ensures that they are well and fed on days that Sneha and her mother are travelling.

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