We Need To Talk: Shaming

We Need To Talk About Shaming

I’ve been judged and I know that you have been too. Whether it is about how we look, what community we belong to, our lifestyle choices – we’ve been told that we are not good enough.

When we’re constantly told, we often believe. We tell ourselves that we really aren’t good enough to fit in or that we can’t pull off what we’re set to do. We shield ourselves from the judgemental eyes of the world and follow the line that is prescribed so we don’t come under a radar. But tell me, is this who you were supposed to be? Does that tag really define you? Is it what makes you who you are?

The answer my friend is NO. If you know anything about the society we live in, you’ll know that everyone is a hypocrite. We see and hear the things we want to, we shun what we don’t like and we don’t accept what we don’t understand. We label things and people and put them into boxes.

Oh he’s skinny – must be too weak to pick up his own groceries.  
You’re Muslim? You have a violent streak or you’re very conservative.
Ooh she’s got a curvy body. Definitely asking for it!  

We’ve heard these things. We’ve said it too and even if we haven’t, we’ve not stepped up to the people who did. Shaming has become an everyday chatter.
Over the years, I have come across people who have decided to stand their ground and be who they want to be – fearlessly.

These are regular, everyday Joe’s like me and you. They too face a lot of uncalled for judgement. What changed for them is how they took it and what they made of it.

So here it is – a series of conversations with people who’ve showed me how to move on and stand out from all the unnecessary chatter. Their story brings to the table a much needed discussion. It also tells us volumes of how we see people and immediately, even without a second thought, often judge them, unknowingly.

It’s important we talk about this, call it out in the open and rip it from it’s very roots, because otherwise, we’ll always believe that we’re not good enough. And it’s too short a lifetime to please a billion people, so let’s just focus on ourselves.

Coming up next week is a story of your average boy-next-door; only that he also happens to be Spiderman.


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