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Do you often find yourself scrolling through dog videos on Instagram? Do you secretly wish you had a cat with an attitude? Have you tried time and again to convince your parents or partner for a pet but they don’t agree with you? Has this now started sounding like a late-night Telebrands ad?
It is not one, I assure you. 

While many of us would love to adopt a dog or cat and give it all the love we can, sometimes it is just not possible. You may be at work most hours of the day, or travel often or don’t have a majority in favour at your house – it could be anything.
But what if we told you that there are hundreds of doggos and kitties waiting for you to pet and feed them and boop their noses?

Image shows a white puppy with glassy grey eyes - The PAWsitivity Project

Our country has been home to Indian Pariah dogs and Domestic Short-hair cats for as long as we can remember. These are your streeties that settle around domestic neighbourhoods, especially near restaurants and meat markets.

During the day, you’ll find them lounging below parked cars, stretched out under the shade or trying to test their luck outside meat shops.
In the night, they’re wide awake, hoping to get lucky and find meals in the trash or be fed leftovers from local restaurants. 

A litter of kittens - The PAWsitivity Project

The PAWsitivity Project

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated India to have over 50 million strays, both cats and dogs. With a population of nearly 1 billion people, the human to stray ratio is 27:1.

Imagine what a difference we can make if we each take the responsibility of one stray animal in our locality.

The PAWsitivity Project hopes to encourage people to be responsible for their local streeties. 

Portrait of a stray dog - The PAWsitivity Project

In this video series – we speak to canine experts, nutritionists, veterinarians, feeders and animal lovers who will help us understand how we can each make the world a happier and PAWsitive place for the strays around us.

In the very first video we talk about how you can build a bond with the streeties in your area and familiarize yourself with them. This shouldn’t be that difficult – all they want is food, love and pats! 

You’ll find all kinds of doggos and kitties in your locality. Give them a few days to get used to their new hooman and take this time to understand them as well.

Some may be friendly from the very beginning, while others may take some time. You’ll find that some only eat when you’re around unlike others who may prefer dining in solitude. In a few days though, you’ll know your doggo, kitty or gang (if you plan to look out for more than one).  

Next on The PAWsitivity Project we will touch on Food & Nutrition For Your Adopted Stray.

With great insights from Mahua Majmudar (Canine Professional & Trainer) and Julia Pape (founder of Canine India), you will make good food choices for your adopted stray. Not only does this keep their bellies full but right food also means lesser trips to the vet.

Stay tuned for more.   



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