The Bigger Picture


We’ve all seen the movie of our life on the big screen in our mind. We’ve skillfully cut and edited the parts we don’t like and have carefully placed the ones that will make us happy. On most days, we replay parts of these in our heads. The good parts could be anything, like the day you open your own company and make a million bucks, or it could be the day you get married to your college sweetheart, or probably when you receive an Oscar for that award-winning movie you directed. Your mind has carefully noted the details of how it will all look and feel. Right down to what colour you’ll be wearing, how the people around you react, what you’ll say at the right moment and how goose-bumpy everything will be: you’ve thought of it all, haven’t you?

Keeping a Bigger Picture in mind is a constant reminder to where you are headed. The good part about a Bigger Picture is that you can keep editing it, till the end of time; and most often, we do. We change direction, or the goal itself, or we add on more elements to our Bigger Picture. It’s only natural for that to happen because as humans, we’re constantly experimenting, and that changes the way we look at the world and our lives.

The problem is we’re doing this all in our minds. We’re editing it, replaying, adding, scribbling details, all of it, in our mind. Our mind is a big database, with an unlimited space (luckily!) but it looks for stuff based on simple keywords. When you’re sad, it often brings up memories that made you feel the same way before. That doesn’t do much good for you, does it?

If you actually pay attention to the screenings of your Bigger Picture, it usually happens when you feel happy, or inspired or right after you make up your mind to not be sad about something.
Why doesn’t it pop in when you’re sad, or uninspired and really need to be reminded of it?
Well, there’s only so much you can do to control it.

On the other hand, writing it down, minute by minute, every single detail, really puts it in stone.
You can still rework it, add to it and completely start afresh. Marie Folie confirms that when you write down your plans of what you want and where you see yourself in a few years, you’re more likely to work towards it.

So, let’s do this. Take the week to think and make note of your Bigger Picture. Write it down, without missing any details of how you’d want it to be. Your Bigger Picture could be 5 or 10 years away from today, so keep that in mind too. This doesn’t have to be your final draft. Yes, you’re going to edit it along the way, you may want to change a few details and tweak the others. That is perfectly fine but for now, pen it down.

On days you feel less inspired or really run down, open it up and read it. Again and again and again. Remind yourself of why you started what you did. Question yourself before you make decisions of whether this takes you closer or further away from the Bigger Picture. This will give you so much more clarity and it will definitely shut your Inner Bully up.

So, what does your Bigger Picture look like?


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