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We Are Not Made To Fit In | Priyanka Patel

After being body shamed for years, Priyanka opens up about her experience and transformation to her new savage self. She brings to the table real girl-talk and her absolutely unapologetic stance which will make you feel stronger and braver.

From Fighting Anorexia To Becoming Spider-man | Parthiv Shah

Parthiv suffers from Borderline Anorexia. Being a superhero buff, Parthiv started drawing inspiration from those who wore capes, crawled on buildings and punched evil right in the face. This is Parthiv's journey - from overcoming anorexia to accepting and becoming the superhero he was always meant to be.

We Need To Talk: Shaming

A series of conversations with people who’ve showed me how to move on and stand out from all the unnecessary chatter. Their story brings to the table a much needed discussion.