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Gender Shaming, Biases and Vitamin Art

Miloni's story is not a heroes tale. It is about the small but tedious battles we have to fight every day. Her passion for art saved her and maybe that is all that we need to keep going.

Differentiating Between The Inner Critic And Inner Bully

The Inner Critic, is not a bully at all. It’s your inner voice that tells you how you could have done something better or what currently lacks in your creation.

You’ll Slip. Don’t Fall.

Breaking ties with your Inner Bully is not going to be that easy. There will be days where it will be stronger than your will to get over it. You will slip, everyone does. Just don't fall.

Warren Buffet’s 2 Lists Strategy

Whether you have a single point agenda or a laundry list of goals you want to achieve in this lifetime, this approach will keep you on the path of achieving all of it.

The Bigger Picture

Keeping a Bigger Picture in mind is a constant reminder to where you are headed. On days you feel less inspired or really run down, open it up and read it. Remind yourself of why you started what you did.

Breaking Up With Your Inner Bully

This series “Breaking Up With Your Inner Bully” is a documentation of strategies that I used to let go of the big bullying monster that lurks inside me.