Sharing Happiness & Eggos During Quarantine | PAWsitivity Heroes: Yogita Kumari & Bullu

Yogita - bullu_bow_wow
Yogita - bullu_bow_wow

When the pandemic hit, it affected many lives and some of them couldn’t ask for help. In such crucial times, it takes a real hero to step up and care for those who are most vulnerable.

Yogita Kumari is 25 year old architect from Delhi. She shares her home with the adorable and sassy Bullu.

A friend of the four-legged, Yogita would pet the strays around her and give them treatos every now and then. However, when the lockdown was announced, she took up the responsibility of feeding the furry babies in her area.

“The motivation came from many feeders I follow on Instagram, who are doing amazing work for streeties.”

For the past 3 months, Yogita has been looking after 60+ doggos and 5 cattos around her residence in Delhi. She cooks for them healthy and wholesome meals of dahi chawal, along with eggos and dry food. She also ensures that they have plenty of water to drink throughout the day.

Feeding also means caring for the health and well-being of your adopted strays. While none of Yogita’s free roaming pets have had any severe illnesses, she provides them with spot treatment as required and also gets them sterilized with the help of a local NGO.

Yogita also fostered and healed Brunie who was hit on the head with a brick by some evil hooman

Through her Instragram page, she motivates and spreads PAWsitivity among her followers by sharing the cutest photos of her adopted strays. We dare you to not fall in love (especially with Seno, Cooper and Aaja).

In an effort to keep all free roaming pets healthy and happy, Yogita also helps raise funds for fellow feeders who may not have a social media presence or following.

She recently also made news by helping reunite 12-year-old Vishal, who was stranded in Delhi away from his parents during the nationwide lockdown that was imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Vishal was thrown out of his small rented house by his landlord in Dwarka and started living in a park amidst street dogs. Yogita spotted him during her feeding routines and took to Instagram to ensure that his parents could return to Delhi and be with him. One of her followers then took the baton forward on Twitter and Vishal was reunited with his parents after 45 days on 5th May.

Vishal helping Yogita feed the doggos at the park

One of the things that Yogita told us that melted our hearts was Cooper’s story. Cooper is an abandoned Spitz who was scared and didn’t trust hoomans enough to be near them. His only friends were two other four-legged’s Mini and Hero.

Even when Yogita started feeding his pack, Cooper would not come close to her. It took some time but soon, Cooper became the most loving and affectionate doggo Yogita feeds. He runs to her with his other pals when they see Yogita come to their feeding spot. “Love can change anything,” says Yogita as she narrates Cooper’s story and we can’t deny that.

Bullu_Bow_Wow on Instagram fills us with PAWsitivity every time we click on their stories.

“Through Bullu’s page, I have met so many wonderful people who have motivated and inspired me. These are feeders and animal lovers who are working around the clock for our furry friends. In times of mental and emotional support, I have these people to fall back on and they restore my faith in humanity.”

Yogita strongly urges people to be responsible for the stray animals around them. It is her belief as well as ours that “this world and everything in it belongs to them equally” and “we are in no way superior to any life form”.

We couldn’t imagine what the world would be without the love and effort of these PAWsitivity Heroes around us. It makes us so happy to share the work of another super-hooman who loves, cares for and gives boops to her adopted strays every day.

To get the cutest daily pupdates and to support Yogita, follow Bullu_Bow_Wow on Instagram; and don’t miss the most entertaining renditions of Bollywood classics like DDLJ and KKHH (you can thank us later!).

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  1. This is a fantastic effort, and truly an inspiring lady. Small good deeds go a long way. Great article, well written.


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