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Aditya Natrajan - Gully Bois

If you’re on Instagram and don’t follow GullyBois, you’re missing out on the cutest pupdate on the internet.

Aditya Natrajan, a 31-year-old gaming consultant and also the hooman behind this Instagram page feeds and cares for over 50+ doggos and cattos in Prabhadevi, Worli Seaface and Dadar. Each of his adopted strays have their own personality and he brings these out creatively on his Instagram stories.

Aditya poses with his free roaming pet, Flashy

A Prabhadevi resident, Aditya started noticing the strays on Worli Seaface during his evening runs. He would occasionally treat them to a Kulfi but when these doggos regularly expected treatos, he decided to give them a full meal, at least once a day.

He also met Prashant Pandit, another resident of the area, who feeds these free roaming pets in the morning. Together, Aditya and Prashant ensure that their adopted strays get two full meals, every day.

Their team also included Mallika Kamodia, a canine trainer and behaviourist, who helps taking the doggos for their vet procedures, Neeta Chugh who also looks after some of the doggos and cattos while she feeds her own set of adopted strays and Jennifer, a certified canine trainer, pet stylist and owner of Curly Tails, who bathes and grooms their adopted strays. She has also helped Aditya take care of expenses every now and then.

GullyBois came into being because Aditya wanted to put up adoption posts and reach out to more people through Instagram. Over the last year, it has turned into a page that inspires people to care for stray animals around them and also spreads positive energy.

His Instagram stories give you an update on your favorite streeties, of whom the most entertaining are Officer Faye’s gang and of course, Mango, Audi and Prado. It’s the perfect social media serving of good vibes to end your day.

Mango and Almond from Aditya’s Prabhadevi Gully Gang

Not only does Aditya feed his free roaming pets but he also takes care of their vet procedures from sterilizing them to any medical care they may need. While most of the times he funds himself, he also gets help from a local group of dog loving hoomans. He drives his adopted strays to and from the vet and looks after them like they’re his own.

Officer Faye’s Gang at Worli Seaface

One of Aditya’s free roaming pets has been featured in the news for running two marathons, the Maharashtra Police International Marathon and the Tata Mumbai Marathon, and he is also famous for his travelling adventures. Ladoo also received an honorary medal from a participant, who at the finish line called Aditya, telling him about Ladoo’s whereabouts.

Aditya tells us that Ladoo has always been a wanderer. His last big adventure was when he was spotted with a group of pilgrims on their way to Shirdi.

Each of Aditya’s free roaming pets have a personality of their own. The doggos and cattos he feeds have their own bits of advice about our world and of course the hoomans in it, and we can’t impress enough how incredibly pawsome they are.

Ladoo is a Mumbai Marathon finisher and self-established traveler

“Community dogs should be the responsibility of the societies around them,” says Aditya and we couldn’t agree more. If each person did their bit and formed small groups to ensure the well-being of 2-3 dogs, there wouldn’t be so much pressure on feeders.

As feeders, it is stressful when your doggos and cattos go missing or are unwell. Life on the street is pretty unpredictable for these animals. They are prone to harm from other animals and humans, accidents, starvation or eating toxic waste like polythene bags from trash cans. If the law ensured that every society or hooman was responsible to look after these free roaming pets, they would be safe and comfortable, even on the street. However, a law like this is far from happening soon and the best we can do is educate and encourage the people around us.

Aditya Natrajan and his gully gang are truly an inspiration to many feeders and friends of the four-legged. He has built a community around people who care about animals and their well-being. His efforts show that not every animal needs to be taken home but can be looked after by regularly feeding them and keeping a check on their health. Through his page, Aditya hopes to spread positivity and encourage more people to take up the responsibility of the streeties around them.

If you feed stray animals in your locality, take pictures and tag GullyBois with the hashtag #FeedYourGullyGang and be part of an ever-growing community.

Like we always say, if we all do our bit, we can make it a PAWsitive World.

Flashy’s smile is truly worth the picture

To get the best pupdates and invites for meetups with the Gully Gang, follow GullyBois on Instagram.

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