Inner Bullies Are Like Dementors

Inner Bully Dementor

If you’ve watched Harry Potter (or better, read it) you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, let me paint you picture.

Dementors are foul, dark creatures that feed on human happiness. If you come too close to a Dementor, it sucks out everything happy from your soul and leaves you feeling utter despair and depression. They’re also known to completely consume their victim’s soul and turn them to a lifeless state.

It is said that if a Dementor feeds on you long enough, it will reduce you to something like itself – soulless and evil, leaving you with nothing but the worst experiences of your life.      

You Inner Bully is a mellow version of a Dementor, but the more you feed it, the more sinister it grows. With every negative thought you foster, you let it consume a happier one.

When we let our Inner Bully take charge of us, it is almost like inviting a Dementor over for a dinner party. It starts slithering its way into deep corners of our mind and leaves us feeling anxious, sad and defeated. Before you know it, it starts sucking out your soul, feeding on your happy memories and leaving you empty and full of negative thoughts.

Don’t you worry, there is a spell. It is an advanced spell that only a few wise ones have been able to master. Expecto Patronum!

Expecto Patronum is a defensive charm that guards you from Dementors by summoning your happiest memories. It summons your Patronus, who protects you from the soul-sucking Dementors by forming a bright shield in between. The Dementor can not suck the happy energy out of the Patronus because it does not feel any depression or despair.

Harry Potter casts the Patronus curse

Of course you want to know how on earth will you get a Patronus!  
Well, you may already have one.

While your Patronus may not be a bright, illuminated spirit animal, it will nonetheless help you beat that soul-sucking Dementor within you.
A Patronus could be anyone who helps you see beyond your insecurities and negative thoughts and helps you reason with your Inner Bully.
Just like the Patronus in Harry Potter, your Patronus does not feel or share your negative thoughts and so, the Dementors have no effect on them.

Your Patronus could be anyone – a parent, you sibling, a friend, a professor or even a relative.

My Patronus is my best friend. She listens to me patiently and helps me reason with my insecurities. She shoots down all of the negative thoughts and comments my Inner Bully tells me, and also motivates me to be the best I can. I can open up to her about my deepest fears and she will help me be stronger than that.

It is important to identify your Patronus and have this dialogue with them.
Not only will they help you beat your Inner Bully/Dementor but their trust in you will help you to positively want to do better work every day.

So, are you ready to try the spell?


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