Get On With A Routine

Plan Your Day

Routines are dull. Routines are boring. Routines actually help.

While yes, you want to take the day as it comes and be free to do what you want to do – having a routine can actually make that more possible than not having one.

While when you’re thinking of it, you may find it constraining but in reality, it opens up space to do more things in the day.

A good routine is flexible, keeps important things paced throughout the day and also has enough room to space out. Planning your routine is easy but actually making it a habit – that’s a mammoth task.

When I was planning my daily routine, I had 3 things in my mind.
1. Exercise
2. Work
3. Chill-time
4. Meditation
5. Reading

I wanted to make sure that I fit a daily workout in my routine. It kept me energetic all day long. So, an hour in the morning before work was kept aside to workout.

Since I have a full-time job, I can’t dedicate all my hours to this website. So I decided to clock in two hours every day after I got home from my day job. Don’t worry, this was after some chill-time.

Anything that does not require me to be productive comes under chill-time. So, Netflix, social media browsing, listening to music, and the likes.

I try to meditate either after my workout before I leave for work or after I finish working on the website. Meditation really helps me collect myself, especially after a tiring day.

Whether it is a novel you like to bury your nose in or articles from the daily, it is important to read every day. Warren Buffett spends 85% of his day reading – books, papers, research, you name it!

A routine does not have to be burdening. So when you do plan yours, keep it simple and easy-going. Having a mix of activities in a week will keep things more interesting – alternate exercises, try a new series, experiment with meditation techniques, etc.

Make your routine a habit. This will only happen if you stop making excuses to yourself and concentrate more on making this work.
If you wake up late, don’t just sleep for the remaining spare time. Rather cut short your exercise but still do it. If you feel lazy to work today, extent your chill-time but compensate for the lost hours the next day or over the weekend.

It is not easy being responsible towards your work. It takes a lot of effort to beat the sloth inside you. With a well laid out plan and some will to go with it, nothing can stop you.

So, how are you planning your day?


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