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A couple of weeks ago we spoke about must-have emergency first-aid kits to help you give immediate relief to your adopted stray in times of emergencies. This week, we will dive into alternative healing for strays – what it is, how it benefits your adopted strays and where you can receive it.

Speaking with us about alternative healing for animals is Aarti Desai.

Aarti Desai with her pet doggo Angel

Aarti is a certified telepathic animal and nature communicator. She works for the well-being of animals and also helps pet parents understand the benefit of giving a holistic life to their pets. She has been practicing healing for over ten years now and uses a combination of healing methods to help both, animals and humans.

She is also a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound therapist, Bach Flower Practitioner and trainer, Quantum Core Two Advanced Practitioner, Aromatherapist, MetaHealth Practitioner, Acmos L’ Antenna Practitioner, to name a few.

Even more so, she is also the only healer in India who works with NES miHealth for helping animals. NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress, and re-educating energy flow into the muscles. As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the body’s innate healing intelligence can revert back to its original, optimal state.

She aims to raise an overall consciousness of human-animal relationship though her work.

Aarti in the midst of a sound therapy session

What is alternative healing?

Alternative healing simply refers to something that is not mainstream science. It’s an alternative way to help heal the body.

Aarti specifically talks about a more holistic approach to healing which is complimentary, rather than choosing between alternative and medical treatment.

She says, “We have to understand that medical science is an integral part of treating an ailment which cannot be denied. It helps combat the illness and cures. However, there is something missing. Medicinal science cures the symptoms. It takes into consideration the body and how to heal it. The root issue however, is not dealt with.
When I speak of a holistic complimentary approach to healing, the being as whole is taken as the physical symptom. This includes the emotions, the psyche and the environment. These are important aspects that are crucial for healing at the core and that is alternative healing for me.”

Aarti in the midst of a sound therapy session

Just like we do, animals emote and express too. They too pick up cues, conceptualize situations and react to the stimuli. This reaction is influenced by their environment and who is with them in their environment.

Aarti puts it this way – “Dis-ease simply means the body not being at ease. The body may not be in ease because it doesn’t feel so good emotionally, mentally or physically. Something may not feel okay because something in my environment is not okay. So there is a constant response to this stimuli. In alternative healing, we take all this into account and work not just on the bodily symptoms but also on the environment and emotions. It’s a non invasive way of bringing the body back to balance.”

What is the impact of alternative healing on animals?

Aarti conducting a sound therapy session at an animal shelter

Aarti says she believes animals to be very evolved beings. “They come into our lives for a reason and it is not just unconditional love. They are always surrendering to this kind of healing. They respond to alternative healing in amazing ways. It has a direct impact on there mind, body and psyche. In just a few sessions, you will be able to see a difference. I always tell my human clients be like animals when receiving healing – surrender and let go. It is not human nature to be in the now, we are constantly oscillating between our past and future; unlike the four-legged who just be.”

“One of the cases I vividly remember is of a pug who had an issue with reverse breathing. After I communicated with him, he told me that there is a lump that is bothering him and causing an issue in his breathing. We started sound therapy for this little fellow which and he calmly took the session. During the second session, he looked more at ease and was in fact directing me to the bowls he wanted to hear.

Intuitively I worked with him and post the second session he sneezed and blood came out. After this, we did another follow up session with him, post which he had no issue of reverse breathing.

Different types of alternative healing techniques

There are various techniques and methods that a healer uses for alternative healing, depending on case to case. Alternative healing techniques include Acupuncture, Acupressure, homeopathy, chiropractic, Ayurveda, then there is Bach flowers, Aromatherapy, herbs, Emotional Freedom Technique, Laser Colour Threapy, Bio-energetic PEMF devices, massage threrapy, family constellation, Shamanic work, Sound threapy, Reiki, Pranic, Crystal Healing, Touch threapy, Quantum, and the list can go on.

It’s a myth that you have to believe in alternative healing for it to work

– Aarti Desai

Humans are tuned to question everything. So naturally, something like alternative healing raises many eyebrows.

Animals simply surrender. They live in the present moment and trust in the process of life. They don’t unnecessarily question if it will work or not, they are in flow.

“It is important to understand the soul. We have to understand that at the end of the day, both, animals and humans have a soul. A soul has its own journey and complications. A simple example is when it is time for the soul to leave the body. Animals also have a will or choice to hold on to that moment when it’s time for them. In such a situation, healing helps the body to let go and the soul to move ahead in its journey. It is one of the things that I constantly engage with to ensure that an animal passes on to the other side comfortably.”

How can alternative healing benefit your adopted strays?

Aarti runs a group on Whatsapp that is dedicated to alternative healing for strays, rescue cases and critical cases. It is free for all. To be a part of this caring community that is open for all animals, you can reach out to Aarti on her Facebook Page or on Instagram and drop her a message. She will add you to the group where you can put cases of ailing stray animals to whom healing will be given everyday till they heal.

If you have any more questions or wish to connect with Aarti, you can reach out to her on social media or drop us an email on [email protected].

The PAWsitivity Project is a labour of love bought together by friends of the four-legged. In our previous posts, we spoke about food & nutritionbuilding a bond, first-aid for your adopted strays and you also met Mahua & Gabbar. If you haven’t checked those out yet, please do.

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