Humans are the only creatures on Earth and as of now, the Universe, who can record experiences of their life. Our communication with the world has evolved from cave paintings to writing or recording our message and uploading it to the world wide web. 

In a universe with billions of people, there are infinite stories that are waiting to be shared. We’re hoping to be able to record, create and share some of these with you.

We’re a team of two humans who are excited to create stories that inspire thought and positively change perspective – so we started this blog.

The idea of this blog, however, has gone through multiple iterations. What it stays true to though is the want and need to have an honest conversation.

Picture of the two humans behind the UDYC blog

Akash and I have always believed in two things – first, that everyone has a story. We all see, feel and experience the universe differently and second, the universe is paying attention; but on this densely populated planet, it isn’t easy to grab it. So if you really want something, then tie your laces tight and prepare to make that jump, again and again, and again, just until the universe notices you.
This is our jump.

So here we are, calling out to the all existing infinity. They say when you tell the universe what you truly desire, it finds a way to connect you to your dreams, and we’re waiting for a “Roger That”

Sarika Nerurkar