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While a lot of us will depend on kibble and ready-to-eat meals, some of us may like to pamper our adopted stray with something homemade.

Like Julia says in the previous video – kibble and ready-to-eat meals usually contain a lot of preservatives, food colourings, etc., which is equal to junk.

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Here are 3 simple recipes that are quick to make, full of nutrition and we bet your adopted stray will lick their bowl empty.

Look at that wagging tail after finishing his meal

1. Egg+Milk Khichdi

A simple recipe that is a great comfort food your floof will love to eat. With only 3 ingredients – eggs, milk and rice, it is easy to find even during the lockdown.

Here’s how you can make it:
NOTE: This feeds 12-15 dogs.

Step 1: Put 3 cups of rice with 8-9 cups of water and a pinch of turmeric to cook in a pressure cooker. Turn off the gas after 3 whistles and you can open the cooker once the steam is released.

Step 2: Break 12-15 eggs in a vessel and beat the eggs till the texture is creamy.

Step 3: Add the rice, 2-3 spoons at a time. If the rice is hot, make sure to mix with the eggs immediately to prevent the egg mixture from steaming. Make sure all of the rice is coated with the egg mixture. Break all the lumps to make it a nice smooth mixture.

Mix the eggs and rice to make a smooth mixture

Step 4: Add 250 ml milk to the egg and rice mixture and keep mixing it till everything is evenly coated.

Floof Khichdi is ready!

2. Chimken & Rice

Sneha Waykar’s tried and tested recipe that fills the bellies of more than 40 dogs in Ghatkopar.

Here’s how you can make it:
NOTE: This recipe feeds 10-12 dogs.

– 1 kg chicken
(You can get soup pieces of Godrej or Soo Fresh from the nearest big bazaar or you can buy bones, wings and other leftover meat or fresh cuts from your local vendor.) and ask for the leftovers(bones, wings, etc) as it will be much cheaper than fresh cuts.
– 1 kg rice
– 2 teaspoon turmeric

Step 1: Cook the rice in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles.
Step 2: Boil chicken separately in a larger vessel. (You will have to add 3 times more water to it in a later step.)
Step 3:Add Turmeric to the chicken and let it boil on a high flame. Let it cook for 45 minutes or till the time the chicken is soft and then shift to a medium flame.
Step 4: Add water (approximately 8-10 cups) to retain a soupy consistency. Let this sit for 5 minutes.
Step 5: You can now add the rice to this and don’t forget to mix it well.

Chimken & Rice made perfect!

Gully Boi’s Special!

This fancy preparation is the daily meal for many stray cats and dogs in Seaface, Dadar and Prabhadevi. With chicken, eggs, rice and milk, we challenge you to show us a plate that has not been licked dry!

Photo courtesy: Gully Bois on Instagram

– Chicken
– Eggs
– Milk
– Rice

Step 1: Cook the rice in chicken stock along with bones, skin and shredded chicken, in a pressure cooker.
Step 2: Once done, when it is still hot, add enough milk to sink the rice.
Step 3: Add 4-5 eggs and keep mixing till the eggs and milk blend with the other ingredients. Serve cool.

Feeding during lockdown

Things can be difficult to source during the lockdown but don’t worry. Like Mahua says, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you feed as long as you are feeding your adopted stray and their bellies are full.

Use ingredients that are easily available at home – like rice, chapati, bread, milk, eggs, etc., and create your own recipe if you have to. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.

If you’re looking for dry food, Heads Up For Tails, Drools and Petsy are delivering to most locations. However, it may take up to 10-15 business days.

When you’re feeding your stray during the lockdown, make sure you are wearing your mask and gloves (safety first, hooman!).

To know how to feed your stray responsibly, check out our last article.
If you’re wondering how to bond with your adopted stray, we’ve got some great tips for you here.

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