#FeedYourGullyGang With Aditya Natrajan | PAWsitivity Heroes: GullyBois

Our next hooman is not only a feeder but also a PAWsitivity campaigner. Let Aditya and his gully gang fill your heart with love and positivity.

Sharing Happiness & Eggos During Quarantine | PAWsitivity Heroes: Yogita Kumari...

When the pandemic hit, it affected many lives and some of them couldn't ask for help. In such crucial times, it takes a real hero to step up and care for those who are most vulnerable. Meet our next PAWsitivity Hero, Yogita Kumari.

What Does It Take To Feed 75+ Dogs ft Sneha Waykar...

It takes a lot to care for another but for Sneha, all it took was love. Feeder, caretaker and friend to more than 75 dogs, Sneha is a PAWsitivity Hero. Tune in to know her story.

Alternative Healing Methods For Your Adopted Stray | The PAWsitivity Project

This week, we will dive into alternative healing for strays - what it is, how it benefits your adopted strays and where you can receive it.

Must-Have Emergency First-Aid Kit For Strays | The PAWsitivity Project

Being responsible for a stray animal also means making sure they're in good health. While for all situations you will need vet intervention, here is a first-aid kit with medicines you can use in case of an of emergency.

Mahua & Gabbar | PAWsitivity Heroes

Mahua and Gabbar's story will fill you with love, warm fuzziness and so much joy. We couldn't think of anyone better than this awesome duo to kick off the PAWsitivity Heroes series.

3 Easy Homemade Food Recipes To Feed Your Adopted Stray |...

While a lot of us will depend on kibble and ready-to-eat meals, some of us may like to pamper our adopted stray...

Food & Nutrition For Your Stray | The PAWsitivity Project

Food is the way to a stray's heart. Understanding what to feed your adopted stray is very important. Whether it is kibble, home-cooked meals or raw food, you should know what's going inside those furry bellies.

McLeod On A Plate

A gastronomer’s paradise – Mcleod Ganj is a stomach-full for anyone with a galactic appetite. Here's a quick guide for a day-long feast at McLeod Ganj.

Building A Bond With Your Stray | The PAWsitivity Project

Imagine what a difference we can make if we each take the responsibility of one stray animal in our locality. The PAWsitivity Project hopes to encourage people to be responsible for their local streeties.

On Religion Shaming, Following Your Dreams and Rebelling With A Cause...

This absolutely raw interview with Shaikh is carefully mixed with some of his best lyrical creations. He will inspire you to be rebellious and create art that makes an impact to the world around us.

Gender Shaming, Biases and Vitamin Art

Miloni's story is not a heroes tale. It is about the small but tedious battles we have to fight every day. Her passion for art saved her and maybe that is all that we need to keep going.

We Are Not Made To Fit In | Priyanka Patel

After being body shamed for years, Priyanka opens up about her experience and transformation to her new savage self. She brings to the table real girl-talk and her absolutely unapologetic stance which will make you feel stronger and braver.

Differentiating Between The Inner Critic And Inner Bully

The Inner Critic, is not a bully at all. It’s your inner voice that tells you how you could have done something better or what currently lacks in your creation.

You’ll Slip. Don’t Fall.

Breaking ties with your Inner Bully is not going to be that easy. There will be days where it will be stronger than your will to get over it. You will slip, everyone does. Just don't fall.

From Fighting Anorexia To Becoming Spider-man | Parthiv Shah

Parthiv suffers from Borderline Anorexia. Being a superhero buff, Parthiv started drawing inspiration from those who wore capes, crawled on buildings and punched evil right in the face. This is Parthiv's journey - from overcoming anorexia to accepting and becoming the superhero he was always meant to be.

Get On With A Routine

Routines are dull. Routines are boring. Routines actually help.

Inner Bullies Are Like Dementors

You Inner Bully is a mellow version of a Dementor, but the more you feed it, the more sinister it grows. Here's how you can summon your Patronus to shoot down your Inner Bully.

Warren Buffet’s 2 Lists Strategy

Whether you have a single point agenda or a laundry list of goals you want to achieve in this lifetime, this approach will keep you on the path of achieving all of it.

We Need To Talk: Shaming

A series of conversations with people who’ve showed me how to move on and stand out from all the unnecessary chatter. Their story brings to the table a much needed discussion.